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5% of profits go to a non-profit helping those with mental illness.

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What my clients have to say:

“Kristen appeared in my life at exactly the right time and she has continued to help me through both the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. I believe I’ve found my right path with the help and support of Kristen, pushing me to challenge myself and move forward with my life. Her email coaching is a brilliant tool, as I can write my thoughts down and send as many emails as is needed. Her guidance, knowledge and self care techniques are great and I look forward to continuing to work with her.” -Zoe

“It was definitely an act of God that brought Kristen Elyse into my life at a critical time. I had been trying to manage a string of traumas and hardships that stripped me of support and confidence. Kristen Elyse helped to restore both of those things and was a reliable navigator as I struggled to regain control of my life. She helped to clarify the importance of now, of how to learn from the past while letting it go, and plan for the future without letting the unknown consume me. Most of all, it was that heart of gold — a friend indeed — who was willing to hold my hand and provide real compassion that renewed my belief in others and myself. She speaks from experience and is willing to push boundaries when necessary. And from a practical standpoint, flexible and accommodating in her schedule and program development! She is a life coach with a holistic approach who will be your guide through the darkness.” -Amanda

“Good coaches are easy to find, but great coaches are much harder to find. I found a great coach in Kristen. She challenged me to think beyond my initial thoughts and helped me to focus down on what I needed to accomplish in the moment to meet my long term goals. She provided a warm and welcoming environment and helped me with both personal and professional challenges that I presented. As I move forward in my own coaching practice, I hope that I can one day be the type of coach for someone that Kristen was for me.” -Atricia

“Kristen has been an incredible ally to me this past year since we started working together. Her guidance is genuine and in-touch, she’s easy to talk to, and she’s helped me create needed space and structure in my life. I am a musician with multiple jobs, and she has helped me to prioritize and care for myself. She meets me right where I’m at, and takes my goals and my wellness seriously. She is a wonderful advocate- I definitely recommend her!” -Anna

“With simple probing, Kristen guided me to outline some goals I had swimming around in my head for quite a while. Then she helped me to outline how I could make those goals happen sooner and within a week I had 2 clients and over $1,500 new dollars of income.” -Heather

“Kristen and I worked together for six weeks to set, organize and accomplish both personal and professional goals. While my initial goals were to better utilize my time and form new relationships within my network, the tasks Kristen had me work on were applicable to new goals I set as my professional landscape changed. Kristen took the time get to know me personally in order to understand the reasons behind the decisions I made. This made it easier for Kristen to challenge me with exercises and lifestyle changes that would achieve results. I know the time I spent working with Kristen will pay off as my life continues to change.” -Rachael

“At first I was nervous about this experience because I was unsure what to expect and had never had any type of personal coaching before. However, after working with Kristen for the past 2 months, I can honestly say that I have had a great experience. I have learned about personal growth and development, and through the help and guidance of Kristen, have been able to seen an improvement in my happiness and every day life. Kristen really dedicated her time getting to know me, and helped me to set goals each week. Not only was I able to accomplish those goals, but she challenged me to set new goals for myself, and we worked together to work towards my ideal lifestyle. She gave me weekly exercises that really allowed me to dig deep and think to get to know myself better. This has really had a positive impact on my life. I am excited to continue working with Kristen because she’s great! Thanks for all your help!” -Alexis

“Kristen helped me find a healthy balance between my personal and professional life. She encouraged me to find and define my own personal goals as well as teaching me methods to hold myself accountable while working towards them. Because of her coaching I’m now living a healthier and happier lifestyle! Thanks Kristen!” -Alysha