Dec. Core 2018

Plank it Out! – Core Workout

-30 sec. extended arm plank

-drop down to your forearms

-10 knee taps (both knees tapping = 1)

-10 hip dips

-Return to extended arm plank

-10 plank to down dogs


Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 times!

Click here to watch the video demo!




Abs Abs Abs!

Show that core who is boss with this workout for your abs! -Start in a seated position with your feet on the floor and hands behind you. As you lean backwards extend your legs out straight, then return back to the starting position. (15x) -Lift your feet and hands off...

KILLER Arms, Shoulders, & Core Workout

Warning: This workout is like death. But in a good way.... You have been warned. Start in a high plank. Lift your hips into down dog. Return to plank. Lower onto your forearms (optional: clasp your hands together) hold for 1 second and then raise your hips into...

Warning: Your Abs will Hurt…

Do 50 rounds (you read that right!) of down dog to plank, hip dips, return to down dog. Ready, set, go! SHARE THIS POST facebooklinkedinpinterestinstagram IF YOU LOVED THIS YOU’LL LOVE...

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