Show that core who is boss with this workout for your abs!

-Start in a seated position with your feet on the floor and hands behind you. As you lean backwards extend your legs out straight, then return back to the starting position. (15x)

-Lift your feet and hands off the ground coming into boat pose. Find your balance on your booty while maintaining a v-shape with your torso and legs (beginner keep hands placed on the ground, advanced straighten your legs out completely). Hold for 15 seconds!

-In the boat pose variation of your choice begin to twist from side to side. 1 rep = right and left side complete. (15x)

-Lay onto your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground. With your arms extended up come, come all the way up to a seated position. Return with control back onto your back. (15x).

-Hug your knees and give that core a little break.

Do this workout a total of 5 times and feel those abs burn!



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Do 50 rounds (you read that right!) of down dog to plank, hip dips, return to down dog. Ready, set, go! SHARE THIS POST facebooklinkedinpinterestinstagram IF YOU LOVED THIS YOU’LL LOVE...

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