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First and foremost, shout out to yoga, weight lifting, sobriety, and one hell of a support system for making me who I am today.

My Journey to a Self-Care Lifestyle…

I know and understand the magical art of our mind’s f***ing with us all too well.

I’ve been in and out of therapy most of my life, on and off medications, and tried to manage my mental health with every tip and trick I could get my hands on.

I learned some pretty terrible coping mechanisms along my journey as well. I began cutting myself at 14 years old. I started binge drinking at 18. I was needy and seeking attention from anyone who would give it to me. But most people never knew of these things or thought I had a problem. I had a party girl alter-ego that hid all of my mental downfalls. I was loud, fun to be around, and the instigator of a lot of bad decisions.

After college, I was okay. I barley drank and I started to learn more about self-care, working out, and eating healthier. I began to finally make myself a priority and I was happy. But in 2014 something just happened. I began to have consistent panic attacks, started binge drinking again, and returned to self-harm. I was so lost and confused as to why I was like this again. I felt scared and I felt alone.

It took me several years of this before I got tired of it enough to seek help (and I’ll be honest and admit I did it more for my partner than I did it for me). I was diagnosed as Bipolar 2 and my healing could finally begin. But traditional mental health care only does so much. I was so frustrated with the gap that I found: it’s a waiting game to discover what medicine is right for you, my health insurance didn’t really help at all in affording a therapist, and there was a HUGE lack of resources of what I could do myself. My mental illness was stressing me the f*** out!

I needed more support than traditional mental health care could provide for a “high functioning” individual. I took some matters into my own hands. I needed to embrace my mental illness and listen to it instead of fighting it to figure out my path to happy.

I now have a life that is based around my own self-care, got some certifications (life coaching, 200-hour yoga teacher, personal trainer), I have more energy than I’ve ever had, my relationship with my partner is no longer co-dependent, and I practice HEALTHY coping mechanisms to manage my chronic mental health issues.

When you ignore your mind/body health and don’t deal with life stressors, you will feel miserable. You need a mind/body/life detox so you can live your most functional/happiest/loving life possible for you! I’m not special, so if I can do this so can you.

It is my mission to help as many people as possible, regardless of if they are paying me.

You are not alone. You are doing enough and you ARE enough. You deserve happiness. You deserve to take care of you.

A bit more about Kristen Elyse

My main job is as a full time private yoga teacher and personal trainer to a group of amazing teenagers in a private school in NYC. I’m also certified life coach where coaching is done over the phone or email. I am an advocate for  ending the stigma against those with mental illnesses. I promote alternative and traditional pathways to care. I believe that everyone, especially those dealing with stress/anxiety/other mental illness, can live a life full of happiness, peace and love.

I love my cat child & partner, yoga classes, weight lifting, playing in my kitchen, dancing around my apartment, getting lost in self-help books, and spending time outside.  I cry a lot/I’m very sensitive and completely okay with this. I am addicted to soup dumplings and most forms of noodles.


Certified Life Coach- Impact Coaching Academy

200-hour Yoga Teacher – Sacred Sounds Yoga NYC

Certified Personal Trainer – ACTION

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