Yoga Poses To Help Do The Splits!

I teach over 20 private yoga classes a week right now. All to TEENAGERS. It’s been an interesting transition from teaching group classes to adults to teaching in a one on one atmosphere to little people who think No Doubt is “old school” music…

But yoga helps serves EVERYONE as an amazing stress reducer and something to direct your mind to in order to give yourself even a small break from the chaos in your life. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing with my teens is setting a pose goal so there can be visible progress as time passes. And every time they get closer to perfecting their pose goal they are so excited! It’s quite the self-esteem booster to watch your body do something you thought it could not.
The most requested pose goal I get right now is working on doing the front splits. This week I will be writing on the board 5 poses that we will hold for several minutes in order to work on the splits. Here are the poses so that you can work towards this pose too 🙂
-Standing forward bend (3 min.)
-Pyramid pose (3 min. each side)
-Lizard pose (3 min. each side)
-Pigeon pose (5 min. each side)
-Seated straddle pose (5 min.)

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