3-Day Smoothie Detox (one that won’t leave you starving!)

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you’ve seen how much of my life revolves around wellness. It has been so instrumental in helping become the person I am today, so much so that I’ve now built a career around it. I teach about 20 yoga/meditation classes a week to an amazing group of teenagers, I lift weights and take gym classes several times a week, and I have become quit the veggie addict.
I didn’t always used to be this way. But, for me, it all started with a smoothie. A simple smoothie catapulted me into the self-care and wellness aficionado that I am today. A smoothie changed my life.
I’m dead serious: smoothies got me into eating healthier, actually liking physical activity/going to the gym, and got me to take my mental health seriously. How? Because adopting one habit, like one green smoothie a day, made it easier for me to change other aspects of my life. One small change snowballed into a lifestyle for me.
SOOOOO, as an ode to my love for smoothies I have created a magical 3-Day Smoothie Detox. I think a small detox is a great way to reset your thought processes and jump start your body into a healthier state. I researched the crap out of detoxes that I could recommend to people but they all involved eating basically nothing. NOPE!
This is how my smoothie detox was born. I wanted to create something that gives a huge punch of nutrition, is basically free of common inflamatories, but also had a decent number of calories every day. You may be asking yourself, “But Kristen, you talk so much about mental health and self-care, how is a body detox relevant???” Great question! My philosophy has and always will be that what is good for the body is good for the mind. I take good care of my body because I know it will help me manage my mind. And I think focusing on something physical is an easier starting point for most people.

Okay, now on to the details. This 3-Day Smoothie Detox includes: a meal plan, recipes, grocery list, calorie/macronutrient guide, and a detox guideline. Click here to download your copy (no email opt in!!!).

Sounds great but you may be thinking, “does it actually work?” I’m glad you asked! I tested it on myself and a few other people. Here are our results:

 End recap: Down 4 pounds and 2 inches overall.
 pooped more. Some zits went away. My body relearned what hunger really is (instead of boredom hunger). And most of all it was a test of my own willpower and my desire to take care of myself.
End recap: Down 6 pounds and 4 inches overall.
“This was a fulfilling detox plan, despite being a “detox.” I’ve always wanted to do one but was so overwhelmed with different information and figuring out what I could and couldn’t, or should and shouldn’t, eat. This plan allows for a satisfying amount of calories, even coming from someone who was eating like crap and more than I should before beginning the detox. I feel I should have cut down a day or two before starting to ease into it better, but after the first day, my body mostly began to adjust to the amount I was consuming. I think this is a great plan and one that can be easily customized to fit individual nutritional needs. In the few days since ending the detox, I’ve noticed changes in my appetite in that I am not feeling as hungry as often and not eating as much during meals. I used to crave unhealthy food and sweets when I let myself get too hungry but I’ve also noticed I’m also not craving these types of food as much as I did before. I would definitely recommend this plan for anyone looking for a dietary ‘reset.’”
End recap: Down 2.3 pounds and 1.5 inches overall.
“It’s now been 4 days since I completed the 3 Day Smoothie Detox. It was exciting to lose a few pounds, but what really stood out to me the most was a change in my body and mind, and a clear awareness of some food sensitivities. During the detox I cut out caffeine, which ended up being much more difficult than I expected. For the first time in my life I had awful withdrawal headaches and fatigue, all due to my body’s lack of caffeine. I’ve been so reliant on caffeine the past few months (maybe years) to deal with fatigue after bad night’s of sleep. I’m a pretty restless sleeper to begin with, and my daily dose of caffeine covered up my need for more sleep, and made it harder to get to sleep and turn off my brain each night. The day after the detox I went a little wild, and had a cup of coffee in the morning and another one in the early afternoon on my lunch break. I was wide awake for several hours past when I should have been asleep that night. I’m not quite ready to cut caffeine out of my life, as it’s been super helpful during the school year. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to reduce my caffeine intake, and track my consumption to see how it interacts with my sleep habits.
Another food sensitivity that I was aware of, but didn’t fully understand until after this detox, is a sensitivity to dairy/lactose. Lactose intolerance/sensitivity is something that my grandmother dealt with in the later years of her life. I think my dad has problems with it too. I knew that my body reacted somewhat unfavorably after a meal with lots of cheese, or a bunch of ice cream, but it never was enough of an annoyance for me to cut dairy products completely out of my life. My husband and I have had almond milk in the house (instead of cow’s milk) for about a year, so I know I’ve been reducing my daily dairy intake by a bit. By doing the vegan smoothie detox, I think I reset my body to a state where my sensitivity would be much more noticeable. I went out to dinner 3 days after the detox, and had a frozen matcha latte with whipped cream and a tomato mozzarella crepe. Everything was delicious, and I’ve had similar meals at this place before. The latte came out first, and I ate the whipped cream off the top, not thinking about anything more than that it was a hot day and I wanted something sweet before the savory crepe. About half way into the meal, I got a sharp pain in my stomach, almost like cramps, and I didn’t feel like eating anything else. What I quickly realized was that everything I had ordered had some form of dairy in it, and I had eaten the whipped cream before anything else, and on a mostly empty stomach. I will not gross you out with details, but it was not a fun rest of the evening. That was the first time I’ve had such a strong reaction to dairy. All my life up to this point I’ve eaten a diet with some dairy everyday. I still love cheese, and the thought of not being able to eat it makes me sad, but I know I need to reduce my dairy intake to have a happier belly and body. I’m seriously considering cutting dairy out of my diet entirely, and may try to find some yummy vegan recipes to add to my repertoire.”
End recap: Down 10.75 inches overall.
“Day 1: Overall on day 1 went well, I followed the meal plan but I felt hungry all day and I felt tired. I didn’t workout today but I am curious to see how I feel at the gym with only having the smoothies as meals. We will find out tomorrow. Also, I didn’t miss real food as much as I thought I would but I think it’s because this is new and Day 1 I am always on track and don’t really want to mess anything up. But I did miss my eggs for breakfast.  I did nap for about an hour because I was tired and was running around all day.
Day 2: Today I felt less hungry throughout the day, woke up later so I started my meals later. Went to the gym and had energy but about 30 minutes in I felt like I was losing steam. However, the workout was a killer so that didn’t help. But overall it was a god day and I enjoyed the smoothies.
Day 3: This day was not completed with the 4 smoothie meals. We were taking family photos and I got ENGAGED!!! So therefore I was celebrating with my family & did not do the 4th smoothie. However, I felt great all day.
Overall I felt less hungry as the days went on and I enjoyed the smoothies. I would definitely do this detox again. I didn’t really have any changes in my bathroom routine which surprised me because of the prunes!”
End recap: Down 1.5 pounds and 2.5 inches overall.
“Definitely liked and definitely would recommend. My biggest complaint would be the lack of chewable options / savory flavors. But by nature I just like the salty crunchy foods so that’s probably a me thing. I’m seriously impressed by the results though, especially because it’s not like I was starting with a lot of extra pounds or inches.”
End recap: Down 2.2 pounds

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