7 Day Sleep Habit Detox

If you’re sleepy all the time, this is for you.
If you can’t fall or stay asleep, this is for you.
Basically if you want to sleep better this detox is for you.
Sleep is SO important to your mental health. I know… I got a 30 minute lecture from my psychiatrist about how getting proper sleep will help me avoid another mood swing. Cool, but I have trouble falling asleep most nights and I wake up a million times to pee. So he gave me some “as needed” sleeping pills.
I’m on enough medicine. I didn’t really want to rely on another. SO I researched the shit out of sleep habits and realized that, as healthy as I am in so many other areas of my life, my sleep habits kind of sucked. I compiled a bunch of sleep related tasks into one 7-day sleep habit overhaul plan. I tried it. I had some friends try it. And now it’s time to put it out to the internet world so others can try it too. If you want to take this sleep habit detox enter your email here so you can see the daily tasks and keep track of how you are doing!
Here are my key takeaways:
-Sticking to your bed time and wake up time are super important! I set my bed time at 11pm and wake up time as 8am. You can change these times in the worksheet to reflect whatever works for you and your schedule best.
-The first couple of days sucked for me BUT it takes time to change a habit so keep at it! My body did figure out when it was supposed to sleep and I finally felt rested after a sleep sesh.
-Do your best at the tasks, but perfection is not important. Life gets in the way sometimes even when you plan to do something it doesn’t work out that way. Do the best you can and keep moving forward with the habit detox.
-I’m continuing to do these new habits to the best of my ability EVERY NIGHT now. This may have been a detox from bad sleep habits, but these new habits have earned their keep.
Here is what other testers of the detox had to say about their experience:
“The reason I wanted to do this sleep detox was because I have been having a HELL of a time waking up in the morning and my sleep schedule is more of a mess than a schedule at all, and me being super type A, I want to regulate it. The detox was a very effective way to check my habits and to see how they affected my sleep and how I felt the next day. The sleep detox also made me aware of habits I have that I did not realize could affect sleep. The other thing I think is affecting my sleep is my workout routine, so I am going to try to do everything else consistently to see how that affects me. I am definitely going to continue monitoring this and the original habits in order to create a sleeping routine that works for me.” -Madison
“It was a little tough at first to really set a routine and stick with it, but it’s really helping! I’m sleeping more soundly and waking up a lot more rested!” -Lisa
“For the steps that I was able to follow, I “reset” my sleep habits to lead to a more restful night and level-headed morning. These subtle changes have greatly impacted my days!” -Katie
“The hardest part was breaking old habits with feeling the desire to ‘feel’ connected to the outside world via social media/internet/news/etc. That habit had a direct correlation with the quality of sleep I got. Once I limited visual stimulation before bed, I found my sleep more restful, sound, and stressless.” -Dasha

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