Transformation Tuesday: My Health Journey!

Let me take you back to April 2012. I was sitting on my couch, eating straight out of a bag of Doritos wondering why I felt sick again. I got up, looked in the mirror and had my first health “ah-hah” moment.

I had grown up playing sports and dancing. I was skinny, but my diet ALWAYS sucked. Then I had a super, duper intense knee surgery in 2010 that made it so I couldn’t be active (seriously, the recovery from this surgery was over a year…) and my bad diet caught up with me. I was sick with a cold at least once a month, I got something quite nasty like pneumonia or bronchitis about twice a year, and I had definitely packed on some pounds. So here I am, April 2012, looking at myself in the mirror almost 150 pounds and feeling like crap.

Transformation Tuesday- My Health Journey

That day, I bought a blender, protein powder, and a butt-ton of fruit. Seriously, my health journey started with smoothies. I have had a smoothie for breakfast almost every day ever since.

I hated fruits and most vegetables, but making a smoothie made them delicious. That was how I decided to start making my diet healthier. From there, I was able to incorporate more vegetables into each meal. Next, I started drinking more water. And then I learned that food prep was the best thing since sliced bread. Then I joined a gym.

Very small, incremental steps. That is how you get healthy. This is how you sustain these new habits and create a healthy lifestyle. No overwhelming lifestyle change that you are going to give up on after a couple days, no crazy fad diet.

I didn’t have a massive amount of weight to lose, but I feel so much healthier now and I rarely get sick! (I am now about 130 pounds, 20 pounds lost.) But I do feel that no matter what your goal is (to get healthier- like me!, lose weight, get in shape), small changes little by little will create a new lifestyle that you can sustain and get you to your goals.

Through my journey, health and fitness have become my passion. And I’m now at a cross roads in my professional life. I could easily get another office job. But maybe, just maybe health and fitness is my calling. I’ve decided to begin to study to become a certified Personal Trainer! Will this end up being my new career? Maybe, maybe not. But just like my health journey, this is a small step that could lead me to something wonderful.

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