In Defense of Carbs

It Starts with Food book cover
I’ve been reading the book “It Starts with Food” recently. It scares me. I cannot give you my full analysis of the book yet, as I’m not finished with it, but I suspect I will still call BS by the end of it.

If you are not familiar with this book, the authors promote a Paleo-ish diet that is without any carbs from traditional grains. Apparently, your body can produce it’s own carbohydrates- so consuming even complex carbs is unnecessary and actually unhealthy for you! I cannot seem to find scientific evidence to support this claim…

I was quite skeptical, but curious enough by all the testimonials throughout the book. People were cured from diseases, you guys! And I really do support and believe in the idea that what we eat contributes to our health. So I tried about a week on a very low carb diet (still can’t eliminate them completely, sorry paleo enthusiasts). You know what happened? I was dizzy ALL THE TIME. My workouts suffered and I couldn’t think straight. No thank you.

*Side rant: this book is full of “facts”. At least statements that sound a lot like facts. Take this, for example: “Since the animals are healthier, grass-fed, and pastured, they are also far less likely to transmit the harmful E. Coli bacteria through their meat.” This sounds legit, right? WRONG. This is one of the only times that Anthony having a Masters in Epidemiology and having worked at a CDC for bit comes in handy. E. Coli is spread through the handling of meat during the time of butchering. Not due to the animals diet. Long story short, if the butcher isn’t careful and spreads animal poop into the meat, you’ve got yourself a possibility of E. Coli. End this rant.*

So here is my simple opinion of carbs: eat them. It’s all about balance. Your body NEEDS a balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. And stop obsessing over whether or not everything that you put in your body is 100% “clean”! You can be healthy and eat a cupcake. It’s all about balance.

*I was not paid to write this review. Who would pay to have a mostly negative review, anyway? I bought this book with my own needing-to-be-used iTunes credits. These are my own opinions. I highly encourage everyone to formulate their own opinions!*

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