New Year, New You?

Ahh New Year’s Resolutions… A chance to envision a new you. An opportunity to actually make a change to better yourself. But do resolutions work?

The new year also means a bunch of people crowding the gym- but they won’t last much past the end of January. Don’t get me wrong, I love the passion and enthusiasm towards being healthy but these resolutions don’t tend to last for long.

Why don’t resolutions tend to work? Because people are too aggressive and lack a solid plan when making their resolution. You can’t eat fast food every day, but commit in your head to an all raw food diet. It’s too extreme.

So what can you do? I like to improve current habits with a plan in place. Creating new habits is down right hard (I could go into the psychology of it, but that isn’t exciting to most people). But making concrete plans to better current habits, that’s a smaller, much more doable task.

What are my New Year improvements? Return to eating smoothies for breakfast and tracking my healthy habits (like workouts, or healthy meals). These aren’t radical changes for me. I already love smoothies (and have my beautiful Vitamix) and go to the gym fairly regularly. But small tweaks like weaning off the free bagels and holding myself accountable by writing workouts down will make a dramatic impact to my overall health. I also aim to spread more positivity to myself and those around me. That, for me, does include updating this blog more frequently. You guys who read this have given me a lot of love and encouragement since I started this blog, I cannot thank you all enough.


That’s it. No big to do. No unrealistic lifestyle changes. Small improvements that you can build on later- not just at the beginning of a calendar year.

OH! And shout-out to Blogilates for creating this beautiful fitness planner! It’s so positive and thorough (and pink!) – covering tracking eating, workouts, sleep, motivation, and tracking goals. I know there are so many apps out there that could do something similar, but for me it’s kind of satisfying to physically write things down. Kind of like that feeling of crossing off an item on a written to-do list.


What are you motivated to improve on in the new year?

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