I saw a personal trainer!

Before deciding if I wanted to join Crunch gym, the west 54th street location gave me a free personal training session. Before joining! It was so much fun, I bought a couple more sessions!
I learned 2 HUGE things at my first session: I still have some bad healing after-math to fix from a severe knee injury/surgery and I got a pretty quick but personalized nutrition plan! The old injury is the main reason I’m continuing with the trainer for a couple weeks. I’d rather spend some time and money now to help fix it, rather than have bursts of knee and hip pain.
BUT the more interesting thing for you all to hear about is the nutrition plan! Seems interesting/intriguing enough to me, so I’m giving it a whirl!
Increasing my protein intake and tapering off of carb-y foods throughout the day were the main keys.
Trainer- “I don’t care how many carbs you have for breakfast.”
Me- “I’m going to eat a bagel every day!”
And I have fulfilled this promise all week. I’m not sorry. At lunch, I’ve been trying to keep my starchy servings minimal but still present. At dinner- protein and veggies.
As for increasing my protein intake: I’m supposed to increase my protein to 100g a day! Wowza! He claims, if one is trying to build muscle, you should eat as many grams of protein as your lean mass (weight minus pounds from fat). Protein powder was the obvious supplement to help me increase how much protein I consume. The problem: I work in a kosher building….
Do you know how many kosher protein powders there are??? Not many. So, for anyone else in the same kosher boat as me:

20g of protein, fairly clean ingredients, and allowed in my office!
I’ll keep posting about my new eating plan, and we will see how long I can keep on it! Cheers to getting back into shape and healthier than ever!

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