Cheap NYC Eats, I GOT A JOB & More Cheap & Healthy Eating Tips

First, I’ll start this post with my favorite part of NYC: the cheap food. I missed NYC cheap and crap-tastic food so much! The hot dogs, the pizza, and the bagels, oh my! All of these are perfect for when you have no money, but no time to make food at home since you’re on the run constantly. Not healthy at all but delicious nonetheless!


Hot dog: $1.50, Pizza: $2.50, Bagel: $0.50. I’m in crap food heaven!

Okay back to my actual post:
This past week has been INSANE! I had 4 meetings, 1 phone interview, and 2 face to face job interviews between Monday-Wednesday. I walked over 25 miles throughout NYC, and needless to say I was just plain exhausted after these three days. But it was all worth it because I GOT A JOB OFFER!!! I start tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. More details of my new job adventure will come later, once I learn more about their social media policies. But YAY!!! It all happened so quickly, and I was prepared for a much longer bout of unemployment, and I cannot express who excited I am for this new opportunity!

Being unemployed and trying to eat healthy on a super tight budget lasted just over a week. Surviving on smoothies, beans, and rice is not really fun. I only did that for a week and I have a new found sympathy for anyone who has to live like that for a longer period out of necessity. I was so used to buying snacks and just eating whenever I wanted. Rationing out food because you’re fearful of not having income for a long time leaves you with one overwhelming feeling: hunger. Hunger sucks! I know I was eating enough calories, but there is a mental aspect of the whole thing. You want food more because you have less of it. And less variety makes you yearn for more. Even if you are eating enough calories, you’re still hungry because you yearn for what you used to have.

Just after I was offered my job, Anthony and I went grocery shopping. We weren’t quite so restrictive, as we know income is coming soon, but we were still pretty frugal. And here’s a tip I would recommend for anyone on a shoe string food budget: go to the meat department and buy the larger packages of meat labeled “manager’s special”. This is the needs-to-go-quick selection. It probably doesn’t have much longer of a shelf life but it will freeze fantastically! I bought 6 servings of hot italian sausage, 8 servings of pork, and 6 servings of chicken thighs for $22. That’s 20 servings of a variety of meats for only $22! I  bought some freezer bags and portioned up everything as soon as I got home and placed it in the freezer for future consumption! Don’t be afraid of the manager’s specials! They can save you a bunch of money!

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