Fun Stuff Before the Move: Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival!

There’s just over 2 weeks before we move to NYC! I’m getting super excited, but there is soooooooooo much left to do! Before we leave Minneapolis, Anthony and I have been trying to plan out some fun Minneapolis things to do (like the State Fair coming up!) to break up the more boring to-do’s. Last night was one of those fun to-do’s: the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival

Before we left, my cat Audrey decided she had to steal my water…. IMG_0688.JPG

The Walker Art Center is only just over a mile from our apartment, so we just walked over. We were planning on getting dinner from one of the food trucks that were going to be on site, but the lines were ridiculously long! So we hustled our butts over to a nearby restaurant (I ate chicken wings… not the healthiest of choices… oops). We sure walked a lot last night (yay unintentional exercise!)! Below is a screenshot from my FitBit of yesterday’s steps. For your reference, I sit at a desk all day and only get about 1,000 steps while at work. 


It seems that there are quite a few internet cat video lovers out there! The place filled up even more after I took this picture! 


I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Lil Bub while there (how can you not love that face???), but it was still a blast. 

Here’s my favorite video from the night! 

What other fun Minneapolis things do you think we should squeeze in before the big move?

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