Holy Stressful Week: How a Quick Run Is Keeping Me Sane

As you all now know, Anthony and I are moving to NYC in just a short couple of weeks. This move is creating a HUGE list of to do’s and not a lot of time to accomplish everything.

This week at work, my bosses decided they want me to hire a replacement before I stop working on the 22nd.That’s right, hire someone before the 22nd. I have a new found appreciation for HR personnel and staffing agencies. Since this Monday I have received 71 resumes, called back 7 candidates, and scheduled 5 interviews. To date I have completed 4 out of 5 first round interviews. This has made for some very long days at work (but I’ll tell you, I feel like I’ve been moving mountains and accomplishing way more than I though possible in a short amount of time).

Then I get home and have to coordinate moving. I have rented our truck, found a storage unit, planned with the family we’ll be staying with temporarily, etc. So….. much….to….do…still….

I have felt like a ball of energy that can’t shut off all week. I’ve wanted to go for a run to see if that would help calm my mind, but I kept canceling on myself. I put it in my planner but I kept working late and then saying, “ah, never mind”. Wrong choice! I finally went for just a very quick jog today and I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! 


By the way, I ran the entire time! Not one bit of walking. I probably could’ve run a little further but it was hot and like I’ve said multiple times, I do have a lot to get done still today. But yay progress!!

My brain feels less scattered and I feel like I can be even more productive than before.
Taking just 15 minutes to get moving and take care of myself is a quick and worthwhile use of my time, even when I’m completely overloaded.

Lesson learned. Take care of yourself so you can move those mountains!


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