I Bought a Boat-Load of Healthy Groceries for ~$50!

I Bought a Boat-Load of Healthy Groceries for ~$50!

I typically do my grocery shopping weekly between Trader Joe’s and Target. For two people for the week, with a lot of meal planning, I spend normally around $60-$75. This past week I knew I would need more food than normal due to guests staying with us. I didn’t want to break our food budget, but I had to feed more mouths! So…… I decided to check out Aldi!

Aldi and Trader Joe’s are actually sister stores (started by brothers), however, I thought Aldi had lesser quality food. I really need to stop judging things before I understand more…

While Aldi did have quite the different clientele when compared to Trader Joe’s (cost conscious, seemingly lower income vs. more health conscious, springing for the organic produce customers), the food looked wonderful! Aldi’s produce section was abundant and SO CHEAP! I’m a huge advocate for healthy food being available to EVERYONE, and Aldi seems to provide a wonderful venue for this! If more people utilized the healthy food resources around them, like shopping at an Aldi and buying a boat-load of affordable healthy groceries, imagine how many health problems we could control! Access and affordability to healthy food could truly change the lives of many.

Here’s what I bought from my Aldi shopping trip, all for $52.92!:

  • 2 dozen eggs ($3.10)
  • 3 LARGE zucchini ($1.19)
  • Bag of spinach ($1.79)
  • HUGE bag of carrots ($0.99)
  • Broccoli crowns ($1.59)
  • 9 green bel peppers ($3.57)
  • 5 lbs of bananas ($2.21)
  • Asparagus ($2.99)
  • French Baguette ($1.49)
  • Bag of sweet onions ($0.99)
  • Bag of sweet potatoes ($1.99)
  • 3 heads of garlic ($0.89)
  • 10 oz small bacon wrapped steak ($3.99)
  • Wheat bread ($1.89)
  • Sliced baby bella mushrooms ($0.99)
  • Sliced smoked ham ($3.99)
  • Turkey Bacon ($2.19)
  • Sliced turkey breast ($2.29)
  • 2 pints of grape tomatoes ($3.18)
  • 2 cans of black beans ($1.18)
  • English muffins ($0.99)
  • Gallon of milk ($2.78)
  • Orange juice ($2.39)
  • Monetary Jack cheese ($1.99)
  • Canned diced tomatoes in green chiles ($0.59)
  • 32 oz plain yogurt ($1.69)

That’s a lot of food! These groceries, along with some meat we already had purchased from Costco, is enough for the week for all of Anthony and my’s breakfasts, lunches, and dinners PLUS was enough for an extra two guests this weekend!

I will most definitely be returning to Aldi, and supporting them in making heathy food more accessible to everyone!

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