I completed the #100HappyDays Challenge!

I actually did it! I completed the #100HappyDays challenge! What is this, you ask?

Well you can find out everything here, but basically you are supposed to find something positive and happy in your day for 100 days in a row. You use social media to document what makes you happy. It’s apparently pretty difficult to complete- as most people claim to quit the challenge because they are “too busy” for it.

I’ve had a very emotionally volatile year so I decided to give this challenge a try. Even with everything terrible going on around me, I had to be able to see some good in every day- right? Oh boy is that right!


Not only has this challenge taught me to appreciate tiny moments every day, it’s showed me what truly makes me happy. I’ve begun to shift my focus towards these things and now I seem to be a little more positive about life and well… happier.

My boyfriend, cat, family, food, and exercise are what makes me happy. They sound like simple no-brainer items on any happiness checklist, but I wasn’t showing enough gratitude towards these items before this challenge. Sometimes when life gets rough, you push away these things. By acknowledging that these items make me happy, and appreciating them all every day, life is just better.

If you’re curious as to what I posted about during this challenge, please Twitter.

Here are some of my favorite highlights/lessons of my #100HappyDays Challenge:

  • My boyfriend and I moved in together!
  • My mother has slowly been improving from a year-long medical saga. I’m so happy/relieved to see her creep towards good health.
  • I survived a bad hip injury, and only got more in shape post-injury. This also really taught me to listen to my body when something doesn’t feel right.
  • I saw my very first friend in this world get married.
  • Boy do I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

So that’s my happiness story! Could you complete the #100HappyDays challenge? Have you already?

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